Thursday, January 29, 2004

hey there:)
today..i completely ****ed my diet :)))
it all started when i went to meet an old friend..nada..who i love very a relegious/personel mission....she suggested that we meet in macdonalds( in amman..there are no mac in baghdad yet) and so we did..i first decided that am not ordering anything..then she said that she wouldnt feel good eating i ordered a MCarabia..which is a chicken sandwich with arabic was nice..i eat it ..with allll the french fries and pepsi :)))) god,,i missed these things since i started the diet:)
nada is in diet-phase too...but after that meal..we walked to the nearest dukin donuts and bought 12..yes 12 donuts (ok dont say anything..there was a special offer ok?) and i took it home with me to raed..cause he felt blue a little bit and i wanted to cheer him up alittle..and we(me and nada) drank a nice hot chocolate there too.
it was nice..i missed her,,,we didnt meet since about 18 months...she is lovely:)
take it easy girls..nothing is going on between us :))
me,raed and our nebors..were supposed to go out to watch lord of the rings 3..but it didnt work out..we are probably going at saturday..
Amman is nice,,,a small city..very well connected to the can find any kind of facilities you want...anything..everything is available...anything.everything is very can spend thousands of dollars in few weeks without doing anythig big.
my aunt taking care of us..she came with her family to jordan few months ago..and she was very happy to see someone coming from baghdad..which is us...we were happy to see her..she came to our place the first day we arrived and filled the refregerater with yummy things..i think thats why i like her:))
mom and majid are coming at saturday..inshalla..father , not interested again :)
yalla take care gonna catch you again soon..inshalla.

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