Monday, December 22, 2003 usual..i came to the uni morning..although i was really tired..and i was thinking of giving my self a day off..but i remembered all my mum's lectures about responsibility and these stuffs and decided to go anyway,,,after i took all the trouble and managed to get there/here(am in the uni now..they finally openned an internet service) i found...I f o u n d...that all the departments, including my department, Environmental Engineering(you must be impressed by now) are closed!! i couldnt believe it...first of all i thought that god finally answered my prayers and they actually cancelled the uni establishment..but shortly after i decided to KNOW whats going took a dep breath..and walked towards the paper on the department door..hoping that whats written is not gona destroy my innocent dream,, but unfortuanitally..that happened :(
it turned out that nothing happened at all..its just that someone, propably a student, through a grinade on a doctor's house, not forgetting to add a twist of machine gon bullets.
big deal!
c? and there are actually some ungrateful bastards who dont aprecciate the "libration"..for those i say..who gave you that day off? ha?
all the teachers decided not to teach for that day.
security situation is the ocupation responsibility, stupid Saddam could control it, when a crime used to happen..the whole city used to know about it..and you'l find everyone talking about it..that was low-tech saddam's result,,and now THE hi-tech USA cant garantee that your college will not be bombed any moment..daah.
now tell there anyone out there who still doesnt wana be librated yet?

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