Monday, December 22, 2003

Day 3, Dec 11.


That was a boring day for me, I did nothing at the WSIS but sitting, browsing the Internet about different stuffs. I wrote several e-mails to friends and family, and did some searches about that Internet development trying to find something useful. At lunch, I met the people who covered expenses of my trip, and we talked about Iraq. Later I had an interview with a journalist, I do not know who was he or where he was from. However, he was so anxious to meet people from Iraq and talk to them so I did. He asked hundreds of questions that most of them seemed stupid to me…
The only thing that was fascinating is what I heard from people about a Tunisian Independent Newspaper that faced attempts of attacking people distributing the paper. And attempts to steal large amount of copies of that Newspaper around 2000, and the only possible cause for what happened is the article that was published in that Paper about how disappointing the WSIS was, as far as I knew about that event.
I left early from the WSIS, and it was getting more boring and disappointing day by day…hour after hour…minute by minute…by minutes. I could not stand the idea that there were 24 more hours left for the end of that Summit, seemed endless to me.


Jacquie (member of IMC-NY, a film maker) told me that she needed to make an interview for me, and we went outside talking about my opinions about the situation in Iraq, and that was a pretty boring subject to me, everybody always asked me that question and was waiting for my analysis for the whole current situation! I always answer that question, but feeling very uncomfortable about it. For me, I felt that I’m representing the Iraqi society when people ask me things about Iraq, the thing that makes me feel that every Iraqi mother and every Iraqi child and every Iraqi man are looking at me, praying to God that I may say something would help them, and that’s what really confuses me.
Anyway, the interview was not bad, I think… but I stayed with the guys there till about 3:00 am… then they gave me a ride to my hotel. I fell deeply to sleep.

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