Sunday, June 29, 2014


From where we got these extremist people in our countries?

Good morning
I was thinking about this phenomenon of extremist people who appeared suddenly in our countries and pulling all the attention in the international media and being a strong actors and  threat to our countries.
Let me take Iraq as an example. We have never seen such kind of extremist groups before 2003. Even when  we had oppositions against  Saddam, they were either from the Iraqi army or from religious parties connected with Iran.Most of the time the oppositions failed to make any change on the ground and Saddam punished them severely.
But now after 2003, we have another style of oppositions such as Al-Qaida and ISIS who entered Iraq and achieving a brutal activities against the government and the civilians as well. I was wondering : why  these people are acting in this aggressive way ? we are human, and I can understand why somebody decides to behave in such tough way ?
These people are a mix of Iraqis and non Iraqis. The Iraqis are either from the previous Iraqi army or from the victims of Abo- Graib prison.  While Non- Iraqis are coming from countries where they have witnessed brutal treatment also from their governments of outsiders such as Chechen or Afghans.
So, this is the consequence of  the brutal treatment against  detainees in Iraqi prisons (under the supervision of the US troops ). I bet you this is a well planned strategy to keep Iraq stuck with  a vicious cycle of endless violence and destruction.
Now I can understand the motive of these extremist people, they have passed through tough days in prisons inside and outside Iraq, and now they came to take revenge. Somebody invested them and sent  money to achieve their dreams.
I guess there is a connection between who humiliated them in prisons and who sent them the fund to fight.
Thank you America for this smart strategy !
Our Countries and people are paying the price of these policies and strategies.

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