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Iraq crisis since 2003

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I know it's difficult for any outsider to understand what's going on in Iraq unless he/ she has read the history of Iraq. It is obvious that the geographic location of Iraq had made it's political life always unstable.
We have in the North Turkey, which is a strong regional actor, in the East Iran, another strong regional power, and recently in the South strong Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia / Qatar/ and Emirates.
All of these regional actors have their own agenda and interests in Iraq , they all are seeking for a partnership with Iraq and its leaders to keep their interests protected and maintained.
Before the war on Iraq and the invasion of it in 20013, Saddam was a strong leader who kept all these neighboring forces away from the intervention in Iraq internal issues.
After the invasion, the US established the basis of new Iraq based on sectarian and  ethnic division. New leaders are fighting among them on the power. Even the new institution is a bad one, based on ethnic and sectarian division. What is the outcome of this strategy in Iraq since 2003?
Here is it, now in 2014, we are seeing the consequence of US policies and strategies in Iraq: a weak and fragile state, with weak and fragile army ( the US leaders in Iraq disbanded the Iraqi army in 2003 and encouraged sectarian and ethnic  structure ).
And because of these new principles since 2003, the Iraqi political new leaders are affiliated with regional forces. Shiaa are connected with Iran, Sunni are connected with Saudi Arabia, and the Kurd are connected with the US and Israel.
On the international level, Iran is backed by Russia , Saudi Arabia is backed by America. These are the two main forces fighting inside Iraq after 2003.
How can you build a strong/ independent/  democratic country in this stupid and sick context ?
This is what the US planted in Iraq, and this is what Iraqi people have cultivated.
And the US is trying to help Iraqi leaders now to fight ISIS ?
It's too late,  ISIS is the last tool, to divide Iraq to three states: Kurd, Sunni, and Shiaa states.
then America can celebrate : mission done, no more Iraq on the map.
Exactly as the scenario of old Yugoslavia, it's not on the map any more. We can see only small states such as Croatia , Serbia, Black mountain and so on !
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