Monday, April 28, 2014


 Al-Zaatari Camp for Syrian Refugees 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dear All
Sorry for being away and have no chance to write a new post  since long time.
I have finished studying all the required courses for the Master Degree in the American University in Cairo, and I am planning to go back to Cairo next Sept. to resume my thesis writing. I took education leave from the AUC to postpone my last semester due to bad security conditions in Egypt.
I have worked here in Jordan in the last six months in Zaatrai Camp for Syrian refugees as operational coordinator and community mobilization coordinator with an international NGO.
Now I am taking a rest, and seeking for a new job with other international NGO.
I have many stories to tell about my experience in Zaatrai refugees camp and the suffering of the Syrian people there.
My email is still the same, please email me if you have any question or request.
By the way, I am not interested with any political issue any more, where political field in our countries now is the most corrupt and dirty environment, and it would be better not to be involved with it.That's why I prefer to be involved with humanitarian work and issues. Too many people in our countries are victims of stupid political leaders policies and decisions , and they all need support and continuous  commitment. May be we can add something positive and shining in this dark era !
Best regards

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