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Election Ballot Boxes Are Not Enough to Bring Stability...


Friday 13 March 2013

Peace be upon you..


I am still in Cairo, the city that I love so much and consider it to be a second home after Baghdad. This is my last semester in the University. I am supposed to submit the Masters’ thesis next semester in God’s willing.

I don’t feel lonely here. People here are so kind especially with non-Egyptians. They love visitors and they are very friendly, respectful and welcoming.

But certainly the country is passing through a transitional phase and limited level of chaos compared of what we’ve seen in Iraq post U.S. invasion in 2003.

The Army and Police forces were dismantled in Iraq immediately post invasion which led to chaos, not a political as much of a security chaos in the streets. There were increasing incidents of violence, explosion, assaults, thefts and kidnapping against people in Iraq. Thus, I don’t think that decisions made by the American Leadership were innocent and weren’t meant to destroy Iraq, both the land and the nation.

Now after 10 years have passed since Iraq occupation, the country still in somewhat worrisome security chaos, but the political chaos is more pervasive where we find rising ethnic and sectorial conflicts and no sign on the ground indicating that it is getting any better soon.

The most important cause of political chaos is the distorted constitution that is drafted by America and forced on the Iraqi political leadership, who represent all sectors and ethnicities, to approve it and adopt it. Those leaders are still paying the price of their misjudgment, stupidity, opportunism and rushing to accept anything for the sake of staying in power.

Why political situation has gotten so complicated in Iraq?

Despite what has been announced regarding political agreement, the situation doesn’t indicate any agreement at all. There are differences, arguments, disagreements and hostility among political parties especially the large ones after the last election in 2010. There is still a dispute around the actual winning list and its right to rule. This argument hasn’t been clearly concluded yet and doesn’t yield to political stability or social and economic stability. The country still goes through enormous economic problems and nothing is working over there. Investments and development in the areas of health, education and infrastructure are still government’s daily battles, but without any positive results on the ground. Political powers fight aggressively for their own interests. You cannot tell the difference between street explosives and violent dialogues among political rivals in Iraq. None of that is done for the sake of people or the country. I don’t know who decided to gear Iraq towards failure. It wastes time without achieving any positive results on the ground. Nothing is working. It is so frustrating that people prefer now to change all those politicians hoping to change the rules of the political game and maybe there will be a positive outcome instead of this continuous mess.

I return back to Egypt…

The revolution overthrown the old regime since 2011 and since then, various political parties have appeared. But the struggle over power has been running in an unhealthy and an unreasonable manner. If the rule of the political game continues with this stupidity, narrow mindedness and favoring the parties or individual interest over the country’s interests , neither the people nor the country will gain anything.

After the revolution, a parliament was elected followed by presidential election. But there were a conflict of interest that led the supreme constitution court to dissolve the parliament. The Islamic parties who won the majority of parliament seats thought that this is against the revolution and not for the sake of God or the Nation. On the other hand, the opposing political parties sees it as a right step and an opportunity to shine and raise its voice asking for many changes that will pull the rug from under the Islamic parties.

The election of Mursi, who represents also Islamic power, has scared the secular and liberal parties. They have been living a state of resistance and chaos since Dr. Mursi became president. They raise their voice and boycott dialogue with him. They also use the media to provoke demonstrations and spread rumors, disorder and doubts about the president and the new government. They undermine the presedent’s achievements and deny the government continuous attempt to improve the security and economic situation. They also plant the seeds of doubts against the intentions of the government and the president to agitate people against him. It continues to be an endless fruitless charade.


This chaos has created political instability in the country and somewhat of a limited  security chaos (compared of what happened in Iraq). The opposition exaggeration in regard to economic and security status has infuriated people in the street without offering any alternatives or solutions that may help the country to resolve this dilemma.

The opposition here acts like someone spiteful and resentful against those in authorities and as someone who want to lead his opponent to failure in any way possible.  The most important thing to the opposition is to use all possible means to prove that the ruling Islamic Party is a failure even if it lead to drowning Egypt in chaos and hindering it from going forward and succeed. Opposition is not interested in saving the ship that carries everyone. Instead, it believes in drowning the ship to prove that the captain is a failure without thinking of the consequences to these selfish and foolish thoughts.

I am so saddened by all of this because I love Egypt and Egyptians. I am hopeful that Egypt will assume back the leader role of the Arab Nation because it is like the big sister to all. Its absent role has caused so much damage to its neighbors. Iraq has been occupied, Palestinian suffering has increased, Syria has been subjected to chaos and destruction. All of that because stable balanced Egypt has been distant and busy with its internal affairs. Some of the Gulf States have been funding the Syrian opposition claiming that Bashar Al Asad is a dictator, a tyrant or a Shiaa who diverted from faith of Islam . I don’t know then why did they help in Saddam’s fall when he wasn’t a Shiaa neither was Al Qathafi in Libya . Or is it a matter of dictatorship as the regimes in those gulf states are not less dictatorial and their nations earned the right to armed and funded revolutionary against them same as neighboring countries if they believe that it is acceptable in and applicable to Syria.

By the way, why Syrian dilemma hasn’t been resolved yet?

I believe that there are two main reasons for that: First, Syria is an ally to regional powers such as Iran, China and Russia. This has made it an uneasy bite to America, Israel and the NATO. Second, who is qualified to assume authority after the fall of the current regime?  It is obvious that the Islamic groups are more qualified than others. This is another headache to America, Israel and the NATO countries. That’s why the Syrian situation is not resolved due to regional and international affairs while the Syrian people are paying the price. This is the results of the current dirty political unmoral world. It is all about interests.

In this case, it is about the struggle for power here and there and it is the result of foreign interference in our region. America occupied Iraq, Iran has also been trying to take a piece of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel followed. Everyone is  running after personal gains from the fallen victim. Syria is no difference. Two years of destruction has passed and everyone is trying to see their place in Syria after the fall of the regime. Even the Muslim Brotherhoods in Egypt are taking part in the opposition battle in Syria. It is a matter of interests rather than lending hand to neighboring Arab Muslims for the sake of stopping the bloodshed and destruction of their country. The most important thing now is how to get the biggest share of the cake in the near future…

Everyone can observe now that the conflicts and battles in our region is a matter of regional and international interests  rather than religious one. But the sick media broadcast different misleading stories to people…

Unfortunately, Israel is the biggest ally to America and western colonial powers. Some Arab countries have become a strategic ally to America and others international colonial powers. It plays a defendant role against anyone who opposes the instructions and directions of America and other countries who have Interest in the region.

Anyway, Back to Egypt…

The problem here is that the Islamic Parties who won with the majority of parliament seats and presidency believe that this is rightfully earned through national voting process while secular and liberal parties are very frustrated because they only won modest number of seats. This has caused opposing parties to lose their mind and balance. They resorted to use  immoral  methods to stir chaos and political instability in the country. They started to use media stations that they own or that are bias to the opposition to broadcast false stories aiming to instigate the street. They succeeded in stirring violence in the street and generating frustration in minds of people. They misled people who became angry like the opposition but without offering any alternative solutions to the existing problems. This has created a distance between on one hand the government and the president and on the other hand people who blindly listen to the opposition refusing to admit reality. They interpret things according to the concepts planted in their heads based on assumptions like election forgery by Muslim Brotherhoods or the assumption that the country is being ruled by the Islamic Group Leader not Mursi and so on. There is no tangible evidence in any of these stories. They are all assumptions and theories published and reiterated by the opposing parties until they were believed by so many people.

I believe that this method is called: lie, lie and lie until the  people will eventually believe you. It is the same methodology used by the Bush Administration regarding the weapons of mass destruction  in Iraq and the fabricated stories that has been publicized in the media which has justified the war against Iraq. There has been no proof of such weapons, but the American objective has been achieved and people can go to hell as it is not important what they believe and what they don’t.

I am totally convinced that the political world today is unfortunately dirty, immoral and has no principles. Politicians are prepared to knowingly destroy people’s lives for the sake of office and privileges. But their selfishness and narrow mindedness can make them blind, deaf and unable to think reasonably, wisely, patiently and quietly. This applies to politicians in Iraq since 2003. Their stupidity and selfishness has become a model of failure and misjudgment…

As for Egypt, I hope that the Islamic Party deals with the political  crisis wisely and intelligently even though they’re supported by vast majority of votes. The facts on the ground indicate that there is an opposition who is seeking to share power with them either to gain privileges or participate in decision making. Islamic parties must handle it wisely because opting power exclusivity even though supported by votes is not acceptable in this phase. Opposition is leading the country towards social, economic and political chaos and distorting the image of Egypt and its political environment. As long as Egypt remains threatened by political and social division, the enemies of Egypt will find it an invitation to flock and conspire against it.  

This is a critical phase and demands strong social, political and economic grounds in addition to building a good international reputation and becoming a role model to neighboring and far countries.

I remember Turkey and its relatively successful experience. The Islamic Parties have worked for decades  under a secular constitution and have been subjected to oppressions and pressures from former Turkish governments. It also suffered from the Turkish Army interference in politics given that it was the protector of secularism in Turkey.

Nowadays, the Islamic Parties in Turkey  assume the vast majority of high positions in the Government, presidency and parliament . They share power with the secular and the liberal parties despite the differences in principles and vision. They surpassed all violent conflicts and learned to deal in a positive way with several and different partners to reap the fruitful results for Turkey and its people. I hope that the Islamic Party in Egypt will possess the same level of intelligence in assessing the risk of this phase and accept the participation of other parties in government despite differences in vision and principles. By time, people will see which parties possess the right vision and best interest for Egypt and its people. The voting ballot box will remain the judge of that. People will reevaluate and accordingly will either reelect or reject a party and remove it from the political arena.

If the Muslim  Brotherhoods  insist on the fact that they earned power that has been over due for 70 years through voting ballot boxes, this will pose a risky path because it will only hurt everyone. It will have bad consequences on the parties themselves as well as on Egypt and everyone. They must deal with it wisely and patiently while offering compromises for the sake of public interest.

I hope that Egypt will succeed and become a role model to other nations in the region and far. I know that the challenges are scary and so many, but it can be achieved with deep thinking and clear strategy giving priority to the unity of Egypt.

There are so many enemies who don’t want Egypt to succeed and I hope that it will and pass all these difficulties. And I hope that it will have a leadership that is aware of what is going on and able to take courageous decisions aiming only for the interest of the country and its people not for the interest of political parties. This is what is happening in Iraq for ten years and made them go through an endless loop.

We should learn from the lessons and not repeat others’ mistakes…

In Brief : Voting ballot boxes should not be the only decisive tool in the political arena. If the country is passing through a transitional  era  and political conflicts as in Egypt and Iraq; dialogue, agreement and national interest must be factored to reach a stable united countries gearing toward common objectives based on an agreed upon clear strategy.

I know that this is an ideal statement that cannot be achieved on the ground because the prevailing mentality is to go after personal gains. Each party thinks of how they can get the most privileges and how to control the largest number of the country’s main resources.  And so on..

This is what our political leaders have learned from the behavior of western colonial  leaders in our region.  Now, the Arab political leaders are thinking in the same way, where personal interest and power prevails over the love and interest of  Arab nation.

I also have a note regarding the political leaders in our Arab nations. If they only had realized that uniting the countries in the region will create a great power that will have a political and economic effect in the world, they would’ve changed their stupid courses which have divided the Arab countries even further. Or maybe some of the Arab leaders are aware of what I’ve described, but they just don’t have the will. These leaders are not  belong to its people and  are not being  in power as a result of a voting ballot box or national agreement, but because America and western  colonial powers  want them to stay with the condition that they continue to comply with their instructions. The ending day  of these leaders will come soon, same as Shah of Iran, the Marcos of the Philippines, and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt…

The Nations will turn the table against them, but God alone knows when…

Change is doom to happen in this universe and nothing will remain the same no matter how long it will take….









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