Friday, November 10, 2006

Good Morning..
I came back from my lovely Baghdad yesterday
I spent one week there, and it was really exciting for me to be at home , again.
but my sadness was unlimited , I saw the horrible and miserable daily life of Iraqis , all Iraqis who are out of the green zone.
will write about my trip , soon
all my best

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Peace be upon you…

I wish you well with every season's feast

The feast came on, and the condition of Iraq isn't changed…

So, in what way did you come, oh feast?

Will we wait more?

The Iraqi people have been waiting, for more than three years, hoping conditions would improve, but there are no positive indications on the ground until now…

We started hating the word "waiting", because it no longer inspires optimism…

Things are very much the same, the daily vocabulary being: kidnapping, killing, explosions, havoc-raking militia which no one controls, and a daily report about a new number of bodies thrown around the streets of Baghdad, of civilian victims whose identities are unknown, who were tortured and killed, and no one knows why…

There is the continuation of sectarian displacement inside Iraq, from one city to another, and the continuation of the flow of other numbers of Iraqis across the borders, to escape the daily hell….

The American president is in an apparent dilemma; he is under pressures from his political opponents, and the American public opinion. And the same goes for the British prime minister, Toney Blair….

Even though both of them are panting to hang on to the same silly, funny phrase: We shall not leave until we accomplish the mission?!!

What is the mission?

Destroying Iraq, and tearing it apart even more?

What have you done until now?

What have we got from you, but devastation, lies, and stupidity?

And so are things with the present Iraqi government; the Iraqi's trust in it is beginning to shake, even though we participated in the elections in order to support Iraqi leaderships that work for the welfare of Iraq and its people. But we no longer trust the government's performance; the main agenda- the security agenda- is still stumbling, and the killings, bloodshed, kidnapping, explosions, and the chaos are still the daily rituals in the-after-the-occupation-Iraq.

And between us we say: either this government is powerless, controlled by the occupation, or it is a negative collaborator, caring for nothing but its personal gains, and let Iraq and its people go to hell…

And either way, the government needs reforming, or a change…..


Well then, the same sad question repeats it self always: where is the key to a solution in Iraq, now?

As it seems, the key isn't in the hands of Bush, Blair, or not even the present Iraqi government.

The key of Iraq is in the hands of sectarian militias, who kill randomly, who burn houses and possessions, displace civilians, and turn the days of the Iraqis into an unbearable hell…

Well then, what is the solution?

Leaving the country?

How many million Iraqis have left?

How many hundred thousand families have left?

And would the solution be to empty the country of its population?

And to whom shall we leave it?

To thieves, murderers, criminals and terrorists?

Is this the Iraq we have been dreaming of after the fall of Saddam's regime, as they say?

Is this the shining model of freedom and democracy in the Middle East that president Bush preached about?

We left our homes, our work places, our kin, our neighbors and friends, some of us left Iraq for neighboring or far off countries, and all are still waiting. Waiting every day, but there is nothing new….

Some left their houses because of direct threats, and went out to live in another Iraqi city, but the ghosts of militias and violence are still chasing them, darkening their lives…

And hope….where is hope?

People are beginning to lose hope…..


The question is repeated often: who brought these militias?

Who supports them?

Who finances them?

They became the star of the show in Iraq now; all the other faces became secondary…

The occupation, and the Iraqi government forces became the model of the defeated feeble who heaps accusations, one time upon the neighboring countries, and another upon the remains of Saddam's regime or the terrorists, which became an ambiguous, meaningless word, a hanger upon which to hang all the reasons of failure in Iraq……..

But the Iraqi wonders, in turn: I care nothing for justifications and stories; realistic or mythical. I want to live like other people in other world countries live, in peace and security. Why must I be dislodged from my home?

Why would my son be kidnapped?

Why would I remain without a job?

Why would my relatives be killed at false roadblocks by some militias and criminals whom no one knows from where they came, or who finances them?

Why am I deprived from the simplest requirements; clean water, electricity, fuels, and medicines?

Why must I live in hell; without security, without peace, without safety?

And why would the world believe Bush when he lies, and no one believes the Iraqi's complaint, or listen to it?


At the beginning, after the fall 0f Baghdad and the entry of the occupation, a wave of criminal actions spread; kidnapping people, robbing their cars and killing them mercilessly. And a story circulated saying that these were criminals who were set loose by Saddam Hussein before the war, and he made an agreement with them to spread chaos in the country.

We all believed the story, saying they will be defeated, and eliminated…

But with time, the armed-organized gangs phenomena increased, and the militias belonging to Parties who are members of the government. This is the big disaster; these militias aren't Saddamists, but they tore Iraq apart and killed of its people more than Saddam Hussein did…

So, it isn't in defense of Saddam Hussein, but from reading reality, let us put him out of the present equation to be truthful and realistic, if we want to solve Iraq's present problems, without lies or delusions…

The main topic which the present government didn't solve, and with which they dealt coldly, with negligence and evasiveness, is the issue of the militia belonging to Parties in the government.

At the beginning, every Party was mad about the subject of annulling the militia, but with the passage of time, here is Iraq yelling, calling for help out of this catastrophe…

There were statements by some government men and also by Condoleezza Rice, that the militia is an uncivilized phenomena, that no one has the right to carry weapons but the government forces.


Are you conducting experiments upon the Iraqi people, as if they were a bunch of mice?

Why don't you determine the situation from the beginning?

And under a mean theory saying: they were dying under the rule of Saddam, so, what's changed? Let them die, they are used to it!

And this is what has been happening since the occupation, till now.

The numbers of the Iraqi dead and wounded are covered up, and any numbers are fabricated, unreal petty numbers, to be announced officially in Iraq or outside Iraq

And so is being done with the numbers of the displaced inside Iraq and outside it, they are all covered up, and fabricated…


When I compare how the media acted about the war of Lebanon and Israel a few months ago…

The lights were focused upon the displaced by all the Arabic and International media: a million or more were dislodged from their towns and villages….

The numbers of the thousands of dead and wounded were announced, the medical and food supply cars rushed on to enter the Lebanese borders…

Well, well!

Suddenly, the world became sympathetic, understanding, and pitying towards the Lebanese people?

The Arab neighbors, silent since the occupation of Iraq, didn't send aid, nor published the numbers of the dead, wounded, or dislodged Iraqis, are now, themselves playing another game with the Lebanese.


Are the Lebanese humans who deserve life, while the Iraqis are dogs, worthy of death?

Or is it the game of politics, interests, and instructions from Mama America and Papa Bush?

By God it is a farce…

But a shameful one…

And it brings shame upon whoever joined in it, or is still a participant, and a player….


I, as an Iraqi, care for nothing but to put out the fire of strife in my homeland, that we would go back to live as brothers, as we were in the past.

Despite Saddam's injustice upon us, but we were joined in living and bearing the hardships of life; we didn't fight each other, nor hate each other, like what happened now after the occupation…

Death gangs and militias would enter peaceful neighborhoods, populated by Iraqis from various sects and religions, and then separate the people from each other, to dislodge some, and kill some others.

Who asked them to do this?

Who sent them to rip apart our unity?

We lived in harmony, we didn't ask each other- are you a Sunnie or a Shia'at? An Arab or a Kurd? When we lived in these neighborhoods for tens of years…

Iraq is for all of us, this is what we believed in…

But now, after the poisons that were spread by the occupation, Iraq is no longer for all…

Some started thinking they have more of a right to rule than the others, and more of a right to the wealth than the others…

These poisons were planted by the (divide and rule) policy…

The policy of hate and revenge which Premer brought on and put into the draft of the Iraqi State Law, introducing terms like- sectarianism, ethnicity, and federalism.

And since that day on, until now, the fires of strife is burning in Iraq, evolving, from one condition to another…

This policy didn't do any good to the Iraqis, but rather tore them apart, exhausted them, and lost the features of the way, and the future, for them. But it gave the justifications for the occupier to remain in Iraq, indefinitely. As long as there is violence, fighting, sectarianism and ethnicity, the occupation will stay, finding these as justifications to stay.

May the curse of God and his wrath be upon them, and upon those who brought them on and collaborated with them, until the Day of Judgment.


************** ****

In spite of the darkness of the scene in Iraq, hope doesn't leave my heart, ever.

I am still convinced that Iraq will go back to its good people, that the invaders and those who brought them on will be defeated, covered with shame.

And we shall build Iraq with our own hands, for our sons and daughters to live in.

By the work, efforts, and sacrifices of the Iraqi men and women, the bright future of Iraqi generations shall be manufactured. Not by Bush's stupid policy, nor by shedding the blood of the innocent, planting hatreds and segregation among the people of the one land, planting the policy of "it's time for revenge!".

What have we got out of the idea of revenge from the past, but ruin and devastation?

Iraq belongs to its people, let all the strangers go out of it…

Unless it was a stranger who loves good, and wants to help the Iraqis- then he is one of us… but the vicious who separates us, no, we do not want him among us…


Announcing a schedule for the withdrawal of the occupation forces is needed. This would be step No. 1 to unite the ranks of the Iraqis, and unify their goal to build the country.

We've had enough ruin and destruction…

We need to join hands with each other, and work together for the good of our homeland, our future.

Iraq is ours; we exist by it, we live by it, and by it we die, in it is our dignity, our pride, and our independence.

If we agree upon these bases, we won't allow anyone to separate us…

Oh God, let all be cool and peace upon Iraq and the Iraqis…

Oh God, make the end of our patience and sacrifices the departure of the occupation, and the vicious people who came with it, who destroyed the country, killed the innocent, and stole the wealth… Oh God, put the leadership into the hands of honest men and women, nationalistic, wise, who love Iraq and its people, and would do all they can to achieve security, peace, and the independence of Iraq…


I am convinced that all the wishes will be granted, by the aid of God…

It is a matter of time; one year, two, or ten…

It is a long, hard way, but the continuous work, patience, and praying- these are our tools…

And whoever was sincere, worked well, and put his trust in God, will never fail…

Peace be upon you, God's mercy, and His blessings…..

* * *

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