Thursday, March 09, 2006

Good morning..
still in Washington to meet people and Congress staff to talk about Iraq .
our days are busy and long , we are very tired, but telling ourselves we have to tolerate all of this for the sake of Iraqi people who are suffering or dying every day since three years of war.
yesterday when we were in our marching towards the White House, with about 200 women, asking the Bush Adminstration to stop the war on Iraq, and pull out the troops, and help Iraqis to rebuild their country by their hands..
there is people here don`t understand the complicated situation in Iraq, they have been stereotyped , its difficult to have conversation with this sort of people, they are closed.
don`t waste your time with them.
I saw a small group standing in another side of the street, holding banners like : support Saddam, sending money to terrorists in Iraq.
I was really surprised, yes, I come here to see these people and hear their vision.
so, now, every one who is against this war is supporting Saddam?
and every one trying to send money or medicine to poor Iraqi families who are suffering of poverty and lack of income and medicine and security, every one help these people will be involved with terrorism and being supporter of Saddam ?
then ,where is humanity?
how could we help our people?
who could accept and believe these ideas?
are they the majority of American people who agree with this discourse?
how could we help our brothers and sisters in Iraq?
we haven`t the chance yet to meet Ba`thist or terrorist, to support them,we have just met the families who are victims in this war, either they have lost their loved ones or their men have been arrested in jails ?
how could they manage their lives without the help of others?
how can we accept the idea of seeing our people dying and suffering and stop helping them?
who could accept that?
why should we agree that a group of sick-minded people have the right to control our noble feelings?
I am sad about what is going in Iraq , and in America..
I can see we are both victims of this war..
we both have lost thousands of souls, and Billions of Dollars since three years..
and what have we gained?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Good evening..
am in Washington these days, we have long and busy schedule to meet people or media or Congress staff, to talk about war in Iraq, and the reality on ground since three years...
yesterday we were in NewYork city in the rally moving from UN building towards American mission office when the police stopped us, and arrested Medea Binjamin and Cindy Shehan and other mothers..
we were surprised, we have been told this is the land of freedom and democracy, what is going on here?
tomorrow is Wednesday March 8, at 12:30 PM , we will have march from Iraqi Embassy to the White House to say NO for the war
join us..

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