Saturday, July 23, 2005

Good Evening..
khalid now is free..
he is in the way to Amman..
thanks for God, and all the people who prayed for his release..

Good morning...
this ordeal teaches us all that if you want to be have to pay.
and we are paying now....

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Good Evening....
I want to send thanks for all people who sent me emails asking about the safety of my son.
we are trying our best to help him.
Iraq now is dangerous place for everyone.
being out of Iraq may be is better for our family to connect people from all the world and arrange a kind of help for iraqi people.
hundreds of injured innocent iraqis who are victims of daily explosions, lying in Jordanian hospitals need funding for their treatment.
who cares about them?
where are international organizations for health ?
and thousands of iraqi men arrested in jails in iraq ,wanted somebody to defend their human rights .
who cares about them?
where are international organizations?
my heart is not only sad about my son, my heart is sad about each iraqi mother and father and wife , who are suffering now from pain about what happened to their family members...
who have been killed or kidnaped or disappeared or arrested or injured ,...
Iraqis are not suffering from lack of water or electricity or jobs..
Iraqis are suffering from the lack of simple needs of human.
who cares about them all ?
and who will give a hand ??
sorry for mistakes, my mind is not very clear ....

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