Thursday, June 09, 2005

Good morning..
our days here in the campus are long and busy and tiring, but we have lot of new things to understand or to talk about.
im writing arabic post, and will put it as soon as i can,
many many stories I have to tell , but in the right time, I hope i could do that
wish you all a nice day

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Good Morning...
yesterday we intered the class again.
the topic was about the web you will choose to work with when you are back home.
who is inside your web?
who is outside your web?
well about me, from Iraq , I said : if you have met an Iraqi man or women, coming from Iraqi new government, you will hear another stories, they will say : oh, yes, we have occupation force in our country, but we are happy, and everything is going well !
if i have met any one from any country on this earth, i could say : how come?
can you believe that a nation can be happy with its occupier?
and I said : so, my goal now is the future of Iraq, and the one coming from Iraqi government will say the same, but the question is how??
I believe we should work to make independent Iraq, with out any troops, and the resources should be invested by Iraqis and for the welfare of them.
the Iraqi coming from the government will say : no, we want occupation to stay, we want free marketing, and privatization, and giving investment rights for private companies, and keeping military bases in Iraq..
so, you can see, our goal is one, but our ways are different !
and you can see my web is not like the one thay have.
my web will be from independent Iraqi people who are the majority , who are not from government, or new parties came from outside Iraq, only GOD knew who is funding them, and what is their motives.
and my web will not have contactors or business men or women who are greedy and looking for power and money...
our only identity is Iraqis.....there is no sub-identity.
I believe in the power of people, and the future will be done by people`s hands ,
faraway from corrupted or puppets ( governments or parties ).
and this equation will be right for all oppressed nations.
we should find new peaceful, honest, leaders like Gandhi or Martin Lother King....
we should find them, in our way to the freedom.

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