Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sunday, February 20th , 2005
Good evening….
The weather in Amman is warm, but I have a very severe flu. The sudden weather changes from cold to hot hurt most people, and helps spread such diseases.
These days I am taking a computer course; (Windows,Word, Excel, Access, Power Point..). I used to take similar courses in Baghdad…but I found them better here…their programs containing more information, and more recent…
science is a vast sea, which cannot be crossed by humans no matter how old they get, and how experienced.
There is a saying by the Prophet Mohammad (The Prayers of GOD Be upon Him, and His Peace), one that I always remember: (There are two individuals who can never get enough, or be satisfied…the seeker of knowledge, and the seeker of worldly pleasures…), and, by GOD, I always see this truth with my own two eyes in the people I meet…and what a difference there is between the two.
Last week we were all saddened by the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime minister ‘Rafeeque Al-Hareeri’. The man loved his country; he gave a lot of efforts to achieve the peace period in Lebanon, and to re-build the country, but today, he was the victim of a dirty conspiracy to implicate Syria in his assassination.
Who killed him? I do not know…
But people say that the enemies of Syria in Lebanon assassinated him, to accuse Syria, then demand her withdrawal from Lebanon. I do not understand the point of the Syrian forces' existence in Lebanon? These political calculations are dumb, complicated, and endless.
But a well-known man, a symbol loved by the Lebanese people, went as a victim to this political agenda. There are always some victims, in order to achieve some agenda, and some interests, somewhere.
And in Iraq, it is as if the whole people are paying the price of an agenda, and the interests of a minority, who lives here and there…..
I can almost see the trouble that the Syrian government is facing today… as if they are cornered, by mistakes committed long ago by them, and some big accusations, of which they are perhaps innocent, but, it is too late. For when the American administration decides that the next target is some country, then it is useless to tire yourself talking.
Accusations will be arranged, and punishments, then all necessary procedures, the ones that the 'Administration' would see fitting for their interests in the region, shall be implemented.
And let all who oppose go to hell…. Huh.
This is the way things are moving…just like it went on the day the war on Iraq was waged, and the scenario of terrorism and the weapons of mass destruction was arranged, along with all the empty talk we had more than enough listening to, day and night…
And the war started, and there were no weapons of mass destruction, nor any other illusions, then there was no evidence for a link between the dictator, and terrorism…
Then they brought with them, (or rather, provided) all the reasons and causes of admitting terrorism into Iraq, making the country the new arena for terrorism… and whatever was left of Iraq… was destroyed.
And now they are plotting and planning how to build the Iraqi economy all over again… the way it suites them, of course.
Now, Syria is on the list, there is another scenario prepared to control her, and bring her to line, then, it will be Iran, and God only knows what shall they bomb, or perform assassinations and disasters in order to accuse Iran, then besiege her, so she would submit to their demands.
And what are the demands, truly?
Would they be human rights, freedom, and democracy, as the official media their cries??
In truth, I see one reason very clear to my vision…and I shall speak of no other. Iraq, Syria, and Iran have all one thing in common; their economy is almost closed in the face of the west in general, and America in particular.
There is a state economy, and state production establishments; there are factories for food productions, carpets, fabrics, porcelain, plastics, medicines, paper, cars, tires, electric products, cement, petrol products, etc…… and it seems that the west, and America in particular, prefers to "privatize" the production, meaning; handling it by private companies. And likes marketing and globalizing this type of economy.
And these private companies would grow and grow, becoming giants that would eat up everything that stands in their way, in order to remain alive.
And when the growing opportunities of these companies start to decline, they start looking for new markets, new cities, and new consumers.
This is the reason for a lot of the recent wars, in my opinion, for the ideological wars ended long ago. There are no more ideals to fight for, nor to market.
Wars became for the sake of companies afraid to become bankrupt….the owners of those companies having a strong hand on the leaders of states, and parties, (that is, if some of them aren't actually cabinet members).
Because those leaders need the money to finance the spreading of their ideas, they need the media, to reinforce their power, because, for those leaders and parties, it means remaining a longer period in the seats of power.
And where would the money come from?? From the donations of poor, or mid-income citizens??
Of course not, for those are not related to the matter, nor have any interest.
The real interest lies with the huge, private companies, (owned by minorities of people), that want to remain alive, regardless of the price… to keep on producing, and find the consumers for that production, some chicken, hamburger, and pizza restaurants, companies of Pepsi-cola, and others, companies producing cars, trucks, planes, and trains, clothes, shoes, home electrical instruments, mobile companies, and computer companies. Then, there are the companies that produce war technologies; (radars and computers), and weapons for armies; (guns, tanks, humvy cars, war planes, and helicopter planes).
There are companies who want new markets, and new customers to invest, and remain alive, like banks, financial establishments, and oil industry companies, etc……
I see all these dreaming of getting to Iraq now, and shall do all they can to implant their feet into the new Iraq.
And that would be the most evident and logical reason for the war on Iraq.
There are many companies who are facing the dilemma of not being able to grow and expand, and perhaps, the inability to remain alive for a long coming period. New markets mean new life. That would be the new blood pumping into the veins of these old companies, to keep her alive.
This is capitalism… it has to grow And expand into other countries, in order to live…
Is it connected with the colonization of other countries?
That's how I see it…there must be this connection.
Armies, occupation, and an occupying countries, and some people who refuse occupation, of which the victims would fall. And some huge companies who are ready to finance the war, and wait to reap the harvest of that war.
This is how I see the scene in Iraq today, and in Syria, then Iran, later on.
And what about the people???
The people are totally robbed of their role….either by terrorizing and force, or by a false media, financed by the giant companies, that turn on the brain washing machines night and day…and the people would be oblivious.
The circle is almost closed, and tight for everyone. Even if some people tried to talk, and alert the others, no one would hear them, nor believe them… for people have been drugged, hypnotized, or omitted, from the lists of accounts.
Even elections and democracy became a game to distract people, so they would fight among themselves. While there are those who get the benefits, sitting on their thrones, watching, and laughing… as if they are saying to all: We have the wealth, decision, and the power, and you take democracy and the elections, so you wouldn't say; we didn't listen to you, or we deprived you of your right to participate. Huh.
But the communist system failed, and fell. The dictatorships are failing, and falling. And I think capitalist systems shall fail and fall, one day… because they are unjust systems, and unfair… giving the benefits to the minority…and robbing the wealth and rights of the majority…
I always think: what is lacking in this world to have peace and equality among people?
Some morals and principals??
The Prophets and Messengers were sent from GOD, in the old history of mankind, and delivered the Messages of GOD to the people.
Do not kill, do not steal, do not be unjust to each other…
The Messages were clear.
Then, some reforming men came along, who were not Prophets, and told the same words. Then, came the laws written by humans about human rights in war and peace, the women's rights, and many other just laws, written to organize the lives of people, and adjust their relations with each other, so they could live peacefully, and securely.
But who was committed to those beautiful words?
What is the percentage of the good people, to the bad people?
It seems that the bad people are a minority, but one that controls the weak majority, a majority that admires the strong, even if he was unjust, without morals, without principals… just like what people were doing in the times of an unjust dictator…they hate him, and they fear him, then, they obey him. And whoever dares to challenge him would go to hell, or disappears from existence.
Isn't this what a major state like America is doing today?
She is supposed to be an example for others….and when the example is an unjust strong, so would be the minors who imitate him, for they would also like to play the part of the unjust, strong…
And so the idea would spread, becoming a general conduct…
And so the saying says; people are on the religion of their kings… if the lord of the house was an unjust, strong person…his offspring would grow up believing in him, and in his style of running the house. And so the injustice would spread easily among people, because they wouldn't tire themselves to ask: why am I imitating?? Why wouldn't I think independently to see the right path, instead of following what the leader, or the big brother, says? Why shouldn't I make my soul, mind and heart clear, and ask them about what is right? My heart and conscience know the right, for sure, and I have to listen to what they say.
When I read the letter of the American soldier, " Camilo Mejia" yesterday, and put it on my site, I realized how much humans are alike in feelings, when they tell the truth, lie, or become a hypocrite. We can distinguish each.
GOD created us from one soul, we understand each other easily, whether we were from east or west, north or south. No matter how different our cultures, religions, and languages are.
I think we can agree to what is right, and what is wrong, what is beautiful, and what is ugly, if we would sit quietly with ourselves, in a moment of honesty, without the influence of other parties.
The whole world lacks this moment of honesty… a moment of honesty with oneself, away from all influence. Hoping the world would wake up from its sleep….. and corrects its foolish path.
Then, there might be a chance, born a new.
A chance to work on achieving peace and justice on this planet, called : Earth…
This planet, heavily rigged with injustice, pains, and sorrows…….
Translated by May/ Baghdad.

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