Monday, December 27, 2004

I am so glad my church is finally doing this! please post on your blog, thanks,

From the American Friends Service Committe:Each day brings more stories of bombings, kidnappings, and deathin Iraq. As the occupation rolls on with no end in sight, moreand more ordinary Iraqis question our intentions in theircountry. To continue down the current path of militaryoccupation and dominance will only invite more violence.It's time to change course in Iraq. It's time to bring thetroops home.Please take a moment to sign the Iraq Peace Petition. Tell thePresident that we've had enough of body bags and maimedchildren. The petition will be delivered on the morning after theinauguration.
It says:Mr. President:We urge you to end this war now. Iraq belongs to the Iraqipeople. War is the wrong path. Too many lives have been lostalready -- let our troops come home.
Support for the war continues to ebb. Help us build the momentumfor peace. Sign the petition and pass it along to your friends:, we can make a difference.
Sincerely,Peter LemsAFSC Iraq Peacebuilding Program

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year

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