Thursday, July 03, 2008

Good morning,
those words below, are from an American reader, not from me.
sad America, where are you going , in what direction?


I just finished reading your last blog. Your words penetrate my heart. You are very well spoken. My heart cries out when i read your words.

Here in America, things are getting worse by the day. Each day we read about how yet another major company is down sizing and laying off people. High oil prices are literally bringing down the economy here in the states. I wonder what is the reason for high oil prices? Could it be the OPEC nations have had enough of Bush and his policies? My faith in the American people is dwindling each day as the gap betwn McCain and Obama is narrowing. I can't believe Americans would vote for McSame.

Americans houses are being foreclosed by the thousands each day all across America. Our stock market is tumbling and oil prices become higher each day and companies closing up and moving overseas or to Mexico.

Bush has made a mess out of Iraq and now the United States. Band aids are not big enough or strong enough to put on the bleeding wounds of these countries Bush and his cronies have managed to destroy. Food Banks in Arizona are asking citizens to donate food as the food has run out to feed the hunger and the poor.

McCain says the US will be in Iraq for 100 years. Why are they there? What have they accomplished other than literally destroy Iraq and its infrastructure and its people.

I pray for you all the time and for your family, friends and for the people of Iraq and in hopes one day, Iraq can go back to its peaceful way of life with no interference from outsiders, I.e. America.

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